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Um atlas de sites de kitesurf feito por kiters para kiters
Aprecie e contribua!

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FAQ General

  1. Objectives of
  2. There are lots of spots on the Net, what is different about
  3. Open Environment, that's great, but how do I get involved?
  4. How do you deal with Secret spots?
  5. I want to add a spot and/or comment, but my English is poor?
  6. Can you add a link to my home-page from
  7. Can I Advertise on
  8. How do I contact
  1. Objectives of started with modest ambitions of posting a few photos and linking friends scattered across our small planet. However, we have made a small change and now only want to produce THE reference site for all kitesurfers. Providing access to:

    • An Interactive Data-Base of ALL of the worlds' spots
    • A Forum
    • A Community

    So much for modest ambitions!

  2. There are lots of spots on the Net, what is different about

    Here at we are happier kitesurfing than programming; so has been developed as an Open Environment Web Site (OEWS - I think we just made this up). An open environment is designed to allow maximum participation in the development of the site content, by anyone anywhere in the world - proving they are on the Net and have a minimum familiarity with Web browsers.

  3. Open Environment, that's great, but how do I get involved?

    To keep this site dynamic and useful we want everyone and anyone to contribute; three ways are possible:

    • Join in the World kitesurfing Community - Contribute to any of the Comment areas (spot / zone / country), post kite comments, and/or add your opinions to the kite forums. Check over the existing spot data-sheets, and alert us to any errors or omissions.
    • Receive Enlightenment - Start adding your local spots to the Data-Base using the interactive form.
    • Dedicate your life to - Become a correspondent for a zone or a country. We are looking for people who would like to help us grow this site by using their local knowledge. In the first instance we would like someone (or more than one) to be 'responsible' for each zone, to monitor the accuracy of the site data and the 'quality' of the comments (see below).
  4. How do you deal with Secret spots?

    Obviously, "secret spots" is going to be a difficult subject! Our policy is clear on this: Secret spots are only secret when they are genuinely secret ! that is known to you and a handful of mates. If the spots exists in kite magazines, in kite guides or is widely known, then be adult about it: this is no longer a secret.

    Equally, consider the fact that one day or another you will want to leave, your local area and go and explore the world's spots. If you have ever heard of, or seen photos of, mythical spot in Chile, Indonesia, Namibia or Sweden, don't forget that it is because someone has taken the time to share the information with you. We are the first to deplore overcrowded spots, but think that a detailed data-base could help to alleviate the problem by allowing people to be more adventurous in their choice of spots. If you or our Regional Correspondents pick up a spot, which is locally accepted as being genuinely Secret, then contact us and we will check up and if necessary remove the spot from the web-site.

  5. I want to add a spot and/or comment, but my English is poor?

    Send it in anyway - we want to hear from you !! If you have important information about a spot data-sheet, or about a question/answer - send us your text in both English and one of the following: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and we will try to improve the English version. If we get too many comments, this will not be possible as we have limited time and resources. Contact us

  6. Can you add a link to my home-page from

    As we are trying to create a real kite community, we are happy to add your homepage or spot as a link. This will done at the country or zone level. However, we will only create links if you have contributed to by adding data. Equally, we will require your email so we can adequately maintain the site.

  7. Can I Advertise on

    We have classic banners advertising program. We create also pages of advertisements for local companies offering kite related services/activities. These pages will be associated with the zone pages, and will be accessible only if the visitor to deliberately goes looking for this information. If you want to know more about advertising, contact us

  8. How do I contact

    If you have questions concerning which are not answered by either the Help pages or these FAQ pages then please contact us Remember that, despite the ultra-professional look of this site, it is run by a couple of friends in their spare time. So if you don't get a reply immediately, don't be alarmed - we're probably off kitesurfing some place! 24/24 no seu telemóvel

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