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 Dominican Republic

América Central

Localização: Caribbean, eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Haiti
Coordenadas geográficas: 19° 0' N, 70° 40' W
Costa: 1,288 km km
Clima: tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall
Relevo: rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed
Cimeiras: lowest point: Lago Enriquillo -46 m highest point: Pico Duarte 3,175 m
Riscos naturais: lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms from June to October; occasional flooding; periodic droughts
Moeda: Dominican peso (DOP)
População: 9,183,984 (July 2006 est.)
Línguas: Spanish
Capital: Santo Domingo
Divisão administrativa: 31 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia) and 1 district* (distrito); Azua, Baoruco, Barahona, Dajabon, Distrito Nacional*, Duarte, El Seibo, Elias Pina, Espaillat, Hato Mayor, Independencia, La Altagracia, La Romana, La Vega, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Monsenor Nouel, Monte Cristi, Monte Plata, Pedernales, Peravia, Puerto Plata, Salcedo, Samana, San Cristobal, San Jose de Ocoa, San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, Sanchez Ramirez, Santiago, Santiago Rodriguez, Santo Domingo, Valverde

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Spots (14)
Qualidade Experiência Tipo Acomodações
Bozo Beach - / -
Todos Praia
Bozo Beach 1 / -
Todos Praia
Calderas 4 / -
Confirmados Praia
Cosita rica 1 / -
Intermediário Praia
Encuentro Cabarete 1 / -
Intermediário Praia
Kitebeach Cabarete 6 / -
Todos Praia
La Boca - Cabarate - / -
Confirmados Rio
La Salinas 9 / -
Intermediário Praia
Laguna de Oviedo 3 / -
Intermediário Lagoa
Las Terrenas 3 / -
Intermediário Oceano aberto
Los Patos 3 / -
Intermediário Praia
Method Lodge Kite Beach 3 / -
Todos Lagoa
Monte Christi 2 / -
Intermediário Praia
PlayaGrande - / -
Principiantes Oceano aberto


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Bozo Beach
Dominican Republic

Cosita rica
Dominican Republic

Kitebeach Cabarete
Dominican Republic

Kitebeach Cabarete
Dominican Republic


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De Hooked Cabarete , 29-04-2008

overview kitespots in and around Cabarete - We receive a lot of emails regarding the different spots in and around Cabarete. So it seemed useful to us to post some here on WKS. This post is not mend to be commercial.....

The whole Cabarete area is pretty wide. It starts at Encuentro, the wavespot and ends at La Boca, the river mouth.
There are plenty more spots along the North coast, but the best is to go with locals who know how to get there. One option is the EH downwind truck. We at Hooked organize kitetrips as well. I don't know about the other hotels and schools....

You will find the most kiters and kiteschools on Kitebeach and Bozo beach. Here an overview of all the spots:

[b]La Boca,[/b]
This is the rivermouth which streams in the ocean. Approximately 6 Km East of Cabarete. Most people start their downwinders here. First you kite on mirror-flat water on the river and after that you can make a downwinder towards Cabarete or Encuentro. Sometimes there is a pretty heavy shorebreak. You will pass one of the All Inclusive resorts Camino del Sol. This is also the entrance you have to take on your way to La Boca. The most motoconcho drivers know where it is.

[b]Bozo Beach,[/b]
The wind in the bay of Cabarete is often a bit gutsy and there is usually a lot of chop. The wind blows first over the town of Cabarete. If you go further out on the reef the wind is steady and consistent. You have to share the spot with some windsurfers. On the reef there can be some pretty nice waves too. This is also the spot where the PKRA organizes the worldcup.
Nice spot close to town, because of the sometimes heavy shorebreak, beginners can have some problems going out. This depends a little on the season.

Most people kite here, that's why it can be a bit crowded, especially in the summer. However, if you go a little upwind towards Encuentro or downwind towards the reef of Bozo, you have all the space you need or just go further out and kite behind the reef. Still most spots in the Netherlands were I used to kite, were overcrowded. Thats not what I can say about Cabarete. Close to shore there are beginners and the less advanced practicing. Don't kite to close to the shore and if you want to show off your tricks, do this minimum 40 meter from the shoreline.
The first 100 meter is flat water, then there is the reef. On the reef there can be a pretty nice wave, especially in the winter. Perfect spot to learn how to kitesurf or to take lessons. There are 5 kiteschools which has all agreements how to teach and how to keep the beach safe from accidents.
For people who stay at Hooked Cabarete, we offer free storage at kitebeach, so you don't have to drag your gear back and forward. All the schools are very professional and are there for a long time. lot's of experience.
I personally love to make downwinders from Kitebeach to Encuentro.

Encuentro is our frond yard. This is the spot I like to ride the most. Most of the days there are nice waves on the reef and maximum 5 kiters on the water. When it is really big, the spot is more suitable for advanced kiters. Under normal conditions also the advanced beginner has a great time here. When we go out, we don’t launch and land directly in front the surfschools, but at the first beach with the little restaurant since here is more space on the beach. Another option is all the way at the left at the point.
Encuentro is also the main surf spot where all the surfschools are.
Encuentro gives you that nice Caribbean feeling without the negative sides of tourism, like condo's etc. Next to that, the nature is beautiful and it is quit.

Furthermore there are plenty more spots you can go to outside Cabarete. For example Las Canas, 30 km East of town. EH kiteboarding is organizing often downwinders from Las Canas to Cabarete. Very long but very very nice :-)
Sometimes we go with our quests to Luperon or Bahia Isabella. Good to see some more of the country and to ride on a different spot.

[b]Where to stay?[/b]

The first time we went to Cabarete, we stayed in an All Inclusive Resort. There were no other tickets available and we wanted to visit Cabarete very much to see if we could build up a future and start our dream (Hooked Cabarete). This was about 4 years ago in June 2004. Now there are many more direct flights from Europe (and the states) to the DR (closest airport is Puerto Plata).
I personally stay rather in the small scaled accommodations. Here I have to say that I own a small hotel on Encuentro, but still....
We only were in the Resort in the night and for breakfast. A couple of times we had dinner but the food was not that special. In Cabarete there are plenty of good and very affordable restaurants right on the beach and others a little off the road. You can have dinner for example in a Dominican Local place for around 500 Peso (15 US) including drinks for 2 persons.
We laughed very much about the people in the resort. At 6 in the morning there where already towels in each chair around the pool, and waiting in line and hoping my egg was still warm when I arrived back at my table was also not really our thing.
Staying in an small scaled accommodation where you meet other kiters and surfers is so much more fun. What I see here at Hooked is that a lot of people hang out together and for example make downwinders or go to Cabarete in the evenings for dinner or Party. Most people share the same interest....
Also we try to stimulate that our quests see a little more Dominican Republic. We give tips of take people off the beaten path. For example visit one of the Dominican areas here in Cabarete and have dinner and party there. Lot's of fun and a great experience.

Anyway, If you are planning to go to Cabarete, I would suggest look for a small scaled accommodation with a more personal touch. Makes your vacation so much more worth it.
If you do a quick search on the internet, you can find direct flights from a lot of locations.


- Rent a car and make a daytrip to Santiago for shopping and see the market. The route to Santiago itself is beautiful. you can make a loop- first to Moca-Satiago and back trough the mountains to Puerto Plata and Sosua.
- Cascading at the 27 waterfalls. make sure the touroperator does them all 27 and not only 7.
- ATV trip in the mountains/hills behind Cabarete.
- Kitetrip to other spots like Luperon etc.
- 2 Day trip to Samana (peninsula) Rent a car and stay in Las Galeras or Las Terenas overnight. Don't forget the waterfall El Limon.
- Daytrip to Playa Grande and Preciosa. Stop also at Rio san Juan (gri gri), Cabrera, Playa Diamante and DuDu lake (Fresh water Spring) Or just take some exits and see amazing beaches and deserted bay's.
- Downwinder with the EH truck or for example from La Boca to Encuentro.
- Hiking trip under the cable car in Puerto Plata to the botanic gardens.
- Mountain bike in El Choco national park.
- Dinners in local areas
- Wakeboard on the river.


- Onno's; lot's of food on the menu and very affordable. Until 7 PM all the tapa's and local drinks are half priced.
- Casanova; Excellent food but a bit overpriced. Between 5 and 6 all the pasta and pizza half price. Nice decoration and set up..
- El Tigre; Local restaurant in Dominican area. Good fish and goat. Try as a starter the yuca.
- For lunch the EzE behind the Carib center is recommendable. Great wraps/.
- For a good start of the day go to Claro. Best breakfast in town.

Kites; kites are very low priced especially for europeans. you can buy all the major brands here at the schools or in the shops. Go for example to the EH shop in the center for EH kites or the Carib center for Naish. Also at the kiteschools you will find priced gear for sale.

Y mucho mas...

Hope this was helpful and see you in Cabarete :D

De leif , 08-12-2006

waiting for you - hi !!!
waiting for in las terrenas
nice beache's and good constent winds (15-20 knots)
good vibes
ask for pura vida

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