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Localização: Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia
Coordenadas geográficas: 47° 12' N, 13° 12' E
Costa: 0 km (landlocked) km
Clima: temperate; continental, cloudy; cold winters with frequent rain and some snow in lowlands and snow in mountains; moderate summers with occasional showers
Relevo: in the west and south mostly mountains (Alps); along the eastern and northern margins mostly flat or gently sloping
Cimeiras: lowest point: Neusiedler See 115 m highest point: Grossglockner 3,798 m
Riscos naturais: landslides; avalanches; earthquakes
Moeda: euro (EUR)
População: 8,199,783 (July 2007 est.)
Línguas: German (official nationwide) 88.6%, Turkish 2.3%, Serbian 2.2%, Croatian (official in Burgenland) 1.6%, other (includes Slovene,official in Carinthia, and Hungarian, official in Burgenland) 5.3%
Capital: Vienna
Divisão administrativa: 9 states: Burgenland, Kaernten (Carinthia), Niederoesterreich (Lower Austria), Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria), Salzburg, Steiermark (Styria), Tirol, Vorarlberg, Wien (Vienna)

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Spots (3)
Qualidade Experiência Tipo Acomodações
Ossiacher See - Messner 1 / -
Confirmados Lago
Podersdorf am See 1 / -
Principiantes Lago
Rindbach, Ebensee - / -
Intermediário Lago


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ChrisZ avatar
Ossiacher See - Messner
Von ChrisZ
Mai 27, 2010
Nice Westerly at home - Great Wind, had very nice 90 mins of after work kiting! Just 3 guys out there!
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De JacobHAHA , 13 Mai

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