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 Glacier 3000


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No se trata do bom spot? É um Hoax? Uma infracção dos direitos de autor? Previna!

Título : G3K Snowkite, 2012

Descrição : just a light wind session on south side from G3K, watch the crevasses and the drop, every one out there should be aware of this. the Glacier operators do not advice of snowkite in this area, nor on there Glacier, they dont take any responsibilities. As you are always out of there safety zone, eg slopes. no kiting on the slopes and near the T-bars... obey there rules so we still are allowed to ride up there. You are on 3000m so be aware of the conditions and high altitude. visit us @ swiss alps, Glacier les Diablerets, Glacier 3000

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Avaliação : 5.00

Duração : 00:02:36

Vídeo apresentado por Anonymous (18-01-2013) 24/24 no seu telemóvel

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