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Um atlas de sites de kitesurf feito por kiters para kiters
Aprecie e contribua!

Esta página somente está disponível em Inglês. Você não consegue lê-la? Tente uma tradução em Português usando Google Translate.

How to contribute?

Love Share your spots with all kitesurfers around the world and help us to improve WannaKiteSurf content!

Atlas moderation

Wanna get more involved with the atlas content? You know well the spots of your region?..

Become a WannaKiteSurf atlas editor and help us to moderate content for your region!

Become an editor!


Wanna help in translating WannaKiteSurf into a new language or improve an existing translation?

The only requirement is to understand English as it is WannaKiteSurf base language...

Become a translator!

Forum moderation

WannaKiteSurf community hosts several forums. If you are regularly using these forums, you may become a forum moderator and help us maintain integrity by cleaning out fakes, spams and postings which contravene our Terms and Conditions (commercial posts, insulting and/or foul language etc).

We haven't started non-English forums yet (mainly because we cannot moderate them). If you are interrested in moderating a dedicated forum for your language (non-English speaking), you are welcome!

Interested in becoming a moderator? Ask WannaKiteSurf webmaster:

Become a moderator!


We develop and manage WannaKiteSurf in our spare time so we haven't all necessary the time and budget to develop all the great functionalities that we have in mind (but we've done OK so far haven't we?).

If you are an experienced developer, maybe you can help? Next projects in mind are Mobile apps (iPhone, Android), Weather Forecast, public API to allow interconnections with external applications, etc.

WannaKiteSurf is based on a technology platform running on LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) but other open-source technologies can be fine (Java for Android)...

Interested in participating in development? Ask WannaKiteSurf webmaster:

Become a developer!

Atlas content

Improve the World Kite atlas by adding new spots or improving existing ones...

How to do that? Browse the atlas looking for your spots...

  • Existing spots: You may contribute to existing spots by adding new photos, comments or fixing wrong data. If you find spots without GPS coordinates, edit these spots and add GPS locations. As an Editor, your changes will be added directly to the 'live' site without additional moderation.
  • Missing spots: Just add them to the atlas!

Other kitesurfers will enjoy finding your spots in WannaKiteSurf atlas and Google Earth.

Add spots! 24/24 no seu telemóvel

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